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My Shop

Like many part time makers I work out of my garage which means limited space (special thanks to my wife for tolerating the mess in there).  Knives, especially handmade ones, are analog tools but that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of modern technology when making them.     


My CNC router pictured here (known as "MAK the Robot") is a perfect example of marrying modern technology with traditional craftsmanship to produce the best, most consistent knives possible.  Tools like MAK help me automate certain tedious processes and improve the overall quality of my end product.



My Maker's Mark

Every knife maker has an identifying logo, or maker's mark, that they put on each blade signifying that knife came from their shop and meets their standards of quality. 

My maker's mark is a rendition of a tattoo that my Father got when he was in the Air Force.  His nickname was Cap growing up and it eventually became mine as well.  He gave me my first knife - a tiny little lock back - when I was a young boy and after he passed in 2017 I couldn't think of a more fitting tribute to him.  

Caps Cutlery Logo.bmp
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