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Kitchen Knives

Whether your are a professional chef, or an avid home cook, high quality knives are an essential tool in the kitchen.  Cap's Cutlery kitchen knives feature thin blade geometry for incredible slicing performance and high hardness steels for long lasting razor sharp edges. 


All Cap's cutlery knives are made to order with your choice of handle materials.  Click here for a list of available materials and colors.  For inspiration check out my Gallery page here.

Chef's Knife

Cap's Cutlery Chef Knife

Base price = $350

  • 8.5" Stainless Steel blade 

  • Flat belly with curved tip for excellent slicing and chopping

  • k-Tip for detail work around joints

*Pictured with figured black walnut handle

Santoku with Maple.jpeg


Base price = $300

  • 7" Stainless Steel blade 

  • Excels at prepping veggies, mincing herbs, and slicing Meat

  • Japanese design with western influences

*Pictured with Curly Maple handle

Slicer with GCarta.jpeg


Base price = $225

  • 8.5" Stainless Steel blade 

  • Perfect for slicing and carving roasts, turkeys, hams, etc.

  • Non-Serrated edge for clean cuts

*Pictured with "GCarta" Bones Pattern Micarta handle



Base price = $400

  • 12" Stainless Steel blade 

  • Perfect for brisket or other large roasts

  • Non-serrated edge for clean cuts

*Pictured with Bastogne Walnut handle

New Petty.JPG

Petty V2.0

Base price = $195

  • 5.5" Stainless Steel blade 

  • Improved design with a taller blade and sweeping belly for more versatility

  • K-Tip for detail work around joints

*Pictured with GCarta Wine Camo Micarta Handle

Paring with French Oak.JPG


Base price = $105

  • 4" NitroV Stainless Steel blade 

  • Sharp, thin blade for peeling and detail  work 

  • One of my most popular and often used knives

*Pictured with French Oak Wine Barrel wood handle


  • All prices include shipping within the United States.  International shipping charges may be extra.

  • Custom handle requests such as exotic materials, inlays, or liners are available at an extra cost.

  • All knives are made to order and may take three or more months depending on the design, selected handle material, and current backlog at the time you place an order.

  • No deposit required but payment in full is due prior to shipment of your completed knife. 

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